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Q: How does the Radar Scrambler work?

A: It works on all police radar bands (k, ka, super wide). Inside the scrambler are 3 parts:
FM chirp generator, a mixer diode, and a dual range wave guide antenna. When the scrambler is hit by a signal it will take the signal, run it through a mixer, add the IM chirp to the mixed up signal and using the antenna, reflect back this new signal to the radar gun. What happens next is the radar gun’s computer can’t recognize the new signal; it gets confused and won’t display a reading on the gun, leaving a blank screen.

Q: How does the Laser Scrambler work ?

A: With a laser gun, the scrambler has a pair of high power intra-red LED’s that pulse in front of your car which interferes with the laser gun’s ability o determine your speed.

Q: Is the scrambler active or passive?

A: the radar scrambler is passive and the laser scrambler is active.

Q: What is the difference between the scrambler S201 (phazer II) and the combination C430 Viper II and C450 units?

A: The scrambler (S201) is strictly a scrambler, while the combination units (phantom 3, C430 viper II and C450) incorporate the scrambling capabilities with a high performance radar detector.

Q: Is the S201 (phazer II) a detector?

A: No, it will not alert you to any police radar. It is not designed to provide detection.

Q: What is the range of protection?

A: the scrambler and the combination will only scramble in the direction they are facing.
They provide coverage for the entire front of your vehicle, up to 4 times that range of a radar gun.

Q: What is the range of a radar gun?

A: Depends on the radar gun, but it can be from a mile and a half up to two miles

Q: Will the units scramble the roadside trailer signs that display your speed as you approach them?

A: The roadside trailers signs do not use radar to determine your speed and they do not have a sampling computer like the radar guns do. These signs merely take an average and will ignore any mixed up signals they receive. Citations cannot be issued from these signs for this reason.

Q: Will the scrambler work on photo radar?

A: YES, if they are taking your picture from the front. If they are taking your picture from the rear, you would need to place a unit in the rear.

Q: How are these units legal?

A: The FCC regulates all consumer products that transmit or leak radio frequency into the air. (Part15 of the FCC code) Since the scrambler and the combination units do not transmit but merely act as a reflective receiver they are legal under FCC regulations. Regarding the laser scrambler, there are no Federal laws against transmission of infra-red light, so the laser scrambling portion is legal as well. All the units have the FCC code on the bottom of each unit.

Q: What is the punch-through zone?

A: On pulse radar (k, x, ka super wide ,instant-on and the new POP) when it is shot from the gun, it comes out in a cone shape, the further it goes, the wider and weaker the signal gets. Punch- through is when the signal being reflected off the car is equal in strength to our scrambling strength. (On average, 50-200 feet) At this range lock-on is possible. There is no punch through with laser.

Q: How do I know the scrambler and the combination unit is working?

A: Both units have a self test button, so that when you push it a yellow light will appear and you will hear a soft “chirping sound” This tells you that the unit is working properly. If the unit were to malfunction this test would not work properly or the power light would go out.

Q: Where are these units illegal?

A: The scrambler and the combination units are illegal in OK, VA, CA, NE, UT, and Washington D.C. They are legal in some providence’s of Canada and many foreign countries.

Q: How far away do they work?

A: The radar scrambler works from 4 to 6 times the range of the gun and the laser scrambler works at 2 times the lidar range.

Q: Which light indicates what on the combination unit?

A: On the combination units, left to right: green- power/red-x/amber-k/ka-green/city-amber/test-amber. The c430, left to right: green-power/ka-amber/k-yellow/x-green/signal meter-red (3 lights)/city-yellow/test-amber. When all the lights light up that is the laser.

Q: My scrambler/combination unit will not turn on?

A: Check the on/off button and also check the fuse at the end of the power cord. The silver tip will unscrew and the 2 amp fuse is easily replaceable. Check the fuse in the cig lighter. If it is none of these, return the unit to the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

Q: Where is the best place to mount my unit?

A: The manufacturer recommends center windshield (right below the rear view mirror) for maximum coverage. There can be no metallic interference with the unit.

Q: Can these units be remotely mounted?

A: No, units were not designed for remote mounting. There is one available for remote mounting and it is the RMR-SBW.

Q: Will the scrambler S201 interfere with my detector?

A: No, since the scrambler does not transmit a signal of its own, it will not interfere with detectors.

Q: Which direction do the units face?

A: On the scrambler and the combination units, the smoke screen and the green power light faces towards the inside of your vehicle, and the units need to be level.

Q: Can these units be hard wired?

A: Yes, clip off the cigarette lighter end and connect the white strip (ribbed) wire to 12 volts and the other to ground. Add a in line wire fuse to the power side (black-white wire)

Q: Will my unit protect me from VASCAR (airplanes and helicopters)?

A: No, VASCAR is basically a fancy stop watch used to time a vehicle from point A to point B. The time between points determines your speed. It is not radar.

Q: What is VG-2?

A: It is the detection of the detector, which is used in illegal states and for commercial vehicles.

Q: Does my unit cover VG-2 and VG-3?

A: Yes, but you have to activate the function.

Q: Are our units detectable?

A: The scrambler is not detectable, but the detector is. We do offer the VG-2 and Vg-3 automatic shut down on all combination units. To activate VG-2 and VG-3, hold down the must button for 5 seconds or until you hear a beep and the power light flashes.

Q: How do I know that my VG-2 is activated on the Viper II C430 and C450?

A: When you turn the unit on, the power light will flash. This is letting you know that your
VG-2 is activated.

Q: How do I know that my VG-2 is activated on the Phantom 3 C410?

A: When you hold down the mute button and you get three beeps, it is activated. If you get a flat tone it is deactivated.

Q: Do the units have memory?

A: Yes

Q: Do you offer visor mounts?

A: No, we only offer one type of windshield mount.

Q: Will the scrambler work with tinted windows?

A: If the tint contains metal particles or mounting the units low on the dash where the windshield wipers or other metallic materials exist will reduce the effectiveness of the units.

Q: Do the units scramble 360 degrees?

A: No, the scrambler is a forward scrambler. The combination unit detects 360 degrees.

Q: Does the Viper II C430 and C450 units come with the scrambler activated?

A: Yes

Q: How do I know that my jammer is activated on the Viper II C430 and C450?

A: When you turn the unit on the light under the “T” (test) will come on at the end of the start up lights.

Q: How do I know that my jammer is activated on the Phantom 3 C410?

A: When you turn the unit on and two power lights stay on. One under “P” for power and one under “S” for scrambler.



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